Thursday, August 13, 2009

San Shou (China San-Da)

Sanshou 散手
also known as
Sanda 散打
(origin from Shanghai-syllabus)
hand to hand combat, self-defense system, and combat sport. Not seen as a style itself, but is rather considered as just one of the two components.

Competitive martial-artists provide effective guidance and trainings for learners.
Training with learners includes Stamina trainings/cardiovascular trainings, techniques, San Shou theory, rule and regulations. Weights trainings and progressive Sparring.

For learners / beginners. Or:
If you are a martial artist, and would like to learn and exchange points or skills.
Welcome you to share the passion and polish our skills to attain a higher
capability in our arts or sports.
feel free to leave a message.

Interested learners may contact us: 96727732 or
for discussion of trainings.
Gloves, paddings and sandbag on the house! =)