Thursday, August 27, 2009

To my students...

Welcome on board as members of my badminton Dojo.


Ever thought of holding a badminton racket as wielding a sword or katana?
It can be productive to view Badminton in a Martial way.
A pathway of discipline and self-control.
For anything that concern two or more parties competing against each other,
we define the event as a "Match" or "fight."
In a match, Your mind should be crystal-clear. As Bruce Lee said:
( The character " I " never exist, and there is no opponent. - BruceLee )
What taking place in the court is competition/a fight, a common and familiar event we all know.
The better play wins, We play in accord to the Game it-self. not with the restrictions
of our own emotions or form. Victory and Defeat is only part and parcel of it.

In Badminton trainings, Discipline and determination are the key aspect to determine your progress. There are times that progress seems to go nowhere and enthusiasm may die off. However, Being able to keep one-self motivated is a skills each individual possesed as your imagination inspires you. As mentioned,
The path of "Trainings" is a journey. The only result that we are interested is what lies ahead at the end of the journey!
Do not relinquish your ability along the journey.

I have adequately attained a high-level of comprehension in movements/body-coordinations for exerting of strenght and the techniques of executing strokes.Please Have faith in my teachings and train hard.

Enjoy The Pain, Feel the Gain!

Regards Dolryeochagi

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